Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twisted Special

So you might be asking what in the world is a Twisted Special?

When we were dreaming up this online boutique we wanted to do something different for our customers – wanted to say thank you in a special way — and thus the Twisted Special was born.

A Twisted Special is an item that we’ve ordered for the sole purpose of being our Twisted Special – it’s not an item that we’ve had in our inventory before at a higher price – it’s not an outdated style that is being reduced or anything like that. A Twisted Special is…

- A new item

- A hot item

- Here until it sells out and then is gone forever

- Super reasonable — only $15 {yes, that’s right $15!!! and with that we say thank you to our customers!}

Introducing our first Twisted SpecialThe Stripey Ric Rac Dress — get yours today before they sell out!

Happy Shopping – Twisted Simplicity

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Style Files: celebrity hunt

Check out what celebs are wearing and then visit TwistedSimplicity.com to get it for much much much less!

Twisted Simplicity: Ivory Cardigan $52.99

{on sale 12.26.09 – 12.31.09 for $39.74}

Website is up! YEA!

Check it out http://twistedsimplicity.com

Friday, December 18, 2009

Website will Launch Soon!

and to celebrate we’re giving away one $40 gift card to one of our lovely facebook fans!

It’s that easy. Once we get 250 fans one will be selected to win the gift card!
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